Corona Numbers Today – How Many Dead, How Many Infected

The human cost of coronavirus is not slowing down, and even if it starts to go down, it has left a permanent mark on the globe. The number of infections, recoveries, and deaths increase by the day, which has led to the World Health Organisation’s declaration of coronavirus as a pandemic.

A pandemic means something that is spreading fast globally. The first confirmation took place in Wuhan, one of the Chinese cities in late December. The discovery in China made the city of Wuhan an epicentre of the outbreak. Barely a month later, Italy is surging ahead due to its increasing death toll going beyond 4,825. Italy now rivals the numbers in China and Spain.

Right now, the total number of infections is surpassing 300,000 and counting. Spain has achieved the highest number of infections at the world stage of 25,000 in a single day. The United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain have recorded more deaths than China at the same stage. The rising trend in Europe means that other countries may as well get their infection numbers to rise. In Asia, some countries are beginning to slow down the infection rates due to a raft of measures put in place.

Other continents showing low infection rates could be due to poor trace and track methods before testing. However, respective governments continue to put up measures to keep the infection rate down.

Coronavirus: The Latest Updates


The health ministry made and an announcement of 481 new cases. According to the ministry, the new infections and discoveries are from the expatriates working in the country. Some who were under quarantine and 27 cases were recovered.


Tunisia responded to the pandemic by issuing an order to suspend prayers in Mosques. Cafés were ordered to close early, by 4 pm daily. All cultural events, economic, and sports gatherings are to follow the new rules to help contain the spread of coronavirus.

Other measures the country undertook include closing of its maritime borders and suspending flights from the affected country.

Tunisia reported 60 new infections claiming to have come from the European capitals. So far, they have 1 death and 1 recovery cases


After recording 8 deaths from coronavirus in India, one of the world’s most populous country, 315 new cases were also confirmed. They have managed to have 23 recoveries so far.

With an impending unofficial lockdown of Janata curfew for the next 14 hours, efforts are in place to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. Indian authorities are using the curfew to underline the relevance of social distancing, which, if done correctly, plays a significant role in controlling the pandemic.

Saudi Arabia

The country was due to do a national census in 2020. However, the activity will not take place after 153 reported cases, with two deaths and 38 recoveries. The move should slow down the transmission rate among the people.

United Kingdom

The coronavirus pandemic unpopular changes in London. The official data on the country’s infections show a rising figure by the day. The numbers so far are 4,000 new infections, 178 recoveries, and 81 deaths.

A raft of stringent measures are in place to help keep the numbers down. Cafes, bars, and restaurants have been down. Children are no longer going to school and no sporting activities either.


Italy is the new epicenter of the outbreak, and the numbers keep rising every day. As a country with the second leading confirmations after China, their numbers are 53,578 infections, 4,825 deaths, and 6,072 recoveries.

Italy has been getting a high number of one-day death records and is where all European capitals are struggling to tame.


The infection rate in Brazil was rising exponentially to the point that the president had to take a test, luckily it returned a negative result. Now the infection cases stand at 1,021, 18 recoveries, and two deaths. Sao Paulo, one of the largest cities in the country, is bracing for a two week shut down. Hopefully, this attempt will slow down the pandemic.

United States

The stock market in the US is taking a hit from the coronavirus pandemic. The downward trend is forcing the federal government to come up with lockdown proposals that will act against the virus transmission. The congress is proposing ways of keeping the markets steady by planning to write checks to American citizens to help them cope.

The new infection rates stand at 26,706, with 337 recoveries, and 147 deaths. Meanwhile, the US is working with countries in laboratory trials looking for a possible coronavirus vaccine.


Cyprus has 75 infections, no recoveries, and two deaths. The authorities will shut down their borders for 15 days for non-essential travels. The temporary shutdown will act as a barrier to visitors coming from coronavirus hotspots.


The virus made its first appearance in Wuhan, a city in China. Through their efforts of testing and isolation of potential victims, they seem to have found relief in the past few days. However, they have the most significant number of confirmed cases at 81,008.
The largest death toll, which stood at 3,255, was the largest before being overtaken by Italy, whose figures are still soaring. Remarkably, China’s recovery rate is 71,740 to date.

The Chinese have shown resilience in fighting the pandemic. Many countries can learn from their success rate on how to tame coronavirus. Now, they are working with the Red Cross society to help Italy reduce the transmission of the virus.


The Iranian security forces are planning to supervise city streets to control crowds to minimise coronavirus transmission. A few weeks ago, Iran was the most affected nation outside China. With Italy’s numbers rising, it is now at holding the fifth position. The country’s death toll is 1,556, and recoveries stand at 7,635. The latest number of new infections is 20,610.

The government is planning to relax the restriction rules in the next two weeks. The argument behind this is the claim that sanctions make it difficult to fight the pandemic.


A ban on gatherings of more than 100 people is in place to fight the rising infection numbers. A stay at home restriction bars citizens from leaving their homes.

With 14,459 cases, they have recorded 562 deaths and made 1,587 recoveries. It is easy to understand why they took such measures when the virus found its way into the country.


Spain is the third most hit country outside China. Authorities put in place a state of emergency for 15 days to combat the coronavirus. New infections are now at 25,496, with 2,125 recoveries and 1,381 deaths.

State of emergency should enable the government to train the military, allowing them to occupy companies when need be.


Canada's first response was to shut down its parliament until mid-April. The Prime minister is in isolation because the wife is COVID-19 positive. With a number going up to 1, 048 new infections, 13 deaths, and 14 recoveries, all their borders are shut down except for essential travels.


After doubling its infection numbers to 10, it was up to the authorities to close their borders. The new cases are 3,640, the death toll is 137, and they have no recoveries yet. All social activities such as schools, bars, cafes, and sporting activities will resume on April the 6th.

The government is looking for ways they can help business owners who face a threat from the pandemic by reducing working hour’s schemes and defer all tax payments.

South Korea

The first outbreak inside South Korea gave a better picture of managing such an outbreak. The country has an advanced universal medical system that took charge of the coronavirus testing drive. Recoveries surpassed its infection rate.

New infections stand at 8,799 with recoveries at 2,612 and 102 deaths. Some countries are praising South Korea on the way they handled their infection cases.


Japan does not see the reason for not hosting the 2020 Olympics despite the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic. Their confidence comes as a surprise when they have infections standing at 1,095, the number of dead is 37, and a recovery rate of 215.


Germany has a population of who become very active every weekend due to weekly market visits. There is an assumption that these young people ignore the simple rules of staying at home and maintaining personal hygiene.

The new infections rose to 22, 364 leading to the deaths of 84 people and 209 recoveries.


The Swiss government wants its people to stay indoors by banning gatherings of more than five people. Businesses will get support to bring them back to where they were. Meanwhile, Swiss stuck in other countries can take advantage of the chartered flights to fly back home.

The number of new cases has hit 6,113, with 56 deaths, and 15 recoveries.


The Belgian government has an order requesting closure of schools, cafes, restaurants, and shops. However, supermarkets and pharmacies can close their doors on weekends.

The last infection rate stands at 2,815, the death toll stands at 67, and recoveries are 263.


No nightclubs and schools will open until after the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. The cruise ship passenger could not gain entry unless they are Portuguese citizens. There will be a restriction on the number of people getting into shopping malls and restaurants.

The new infection numbers are 1,280, with 5 recoveries despite the death of 12 people.


The first high-ranking government official to contract coronavirus is a UN diplomat. This prompted the government to put in place a lockdown that affected the other mission officials. Self-quarantine was to aid in fighting the transmission of coronavirus.

The Philippines has 307 cases, 19 deaths, and 3 recoveries.


Concerns over coronavirus led to the cancellation of the F1 Grand Prix season opening event. One of their leading drivers tested positive for coronavirus. The government is imposing a ban on all beaches to contain the pandemic.

The reported cases so far are 1,051, with seven deaths and 43 recoveries. The prime minister has indicated stringent measures to follow if the pandemic does not subside.


Indonesia is banning the exportation of facemasks to sustain domestic supplies. Enough equipment helps in keeping viral spread down. The cost of the masks went up in response to demand.

New infection cases are 450, with 20 recoveries and 38 deaths.


Austria announced the origin of its first two cases as locals who were in Italy recently. Government officials’ advice its people to stay indoors for two weeks. Any person coming into the country must undergo testing and isolated, and after that, corrective measures applied.

New cases right now are 2,992, with a recovery of 9 patients and a death toll of 8.


Malaysia’s military will be on the streets to enforce a two-week ban. A travel ban is in place barring entry or exit in the country. The Malaysian numbers grew after two separate religious events took place. To reduce the new cases, the government is tracking and tracing the attendees.

There reported cases are 1,183, they have eight recoveries, and their death toll is 114.

NOTE: The numbers depicting recoveries, new cases, and death toll are dynamic. They change by the minute. We could not list all countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic because the list is endless.


There are fears that coronavirus is turning offices into meeting spaces with countless conference calls. Coronavirus could trigger the worst economic crisis yet after world war two. The employment rates will go down in countries experiencing the pandemic.

Some columnists are still arguing about the threats the virus has brought to the capitalist system. Such threatening figures and unknown future is forcing the IMF and other financial lending institutions to help in liquifying the system to keep economies afloat.

The global emergency efforts to keep the numbers down is forcing countries to install extraordinary measures as the coronavirus death toll rises. The steps by respective governments indicate how the global economy is spiraling downwards. The sad thing is nobody has any idea of when the coronavirus pandemic will end. Some researchers are foreseeing the worst times ahead. Either way, stay safe.